what to eat during your period

What to Eat During “those” Days?


When we have our period and the days before, the famous premenstrual symptom occurs. Basically, it means that our crazed hormones control our body. This translates into abrupt mood swings, ranging from depression to irritability, in addition to those annoying abdominal pains that occur due to uterine spasms.

There are no magic cures for these annoying symptoms, but we can improve the picture through natural tricks that have to do with a balanced diet.

1) Did you know that during menstruation, you can gain up to four kilos? This is due to fluid retention, which often makes you feel like a swollen bag of water. To counteract this annoying effect, it is ideal to reduce your salt intake as much as possible and drink at least two litres of water a day (this does not include any carbonated drinks, which contribute to swelling even more, making the picture worse).

2) During your period, did you never feel an almost uncontrolled need to eat sweet foods? That’s because estrogen levels drop, making us feel like the body is “asking us to. Although a little chocolate is not bad, because it generates endorphins, a hormone that makes us feel good, eating a lot of refined sugar and processed foods such as chocolates and sweet treats, can contribute to stomach upset because they are difficult to digest, which worsens our swelling and irritability.

For those moments, a little chocolate is allowed, but the ideal thing is to eat dried fruits, such as nuts and almonds, which provide us with energy and help us to get out of the state of despondency that menstruation causes. Needless to say, it is necessary to take care of the intake of sweets, which always involve empty calories that are of no use to the body.

3) To fight anemia, iron is our best ally: spinach and lentils provide this mineral in large quantities, so it is recommended to eat it during these days. Pineapples and bananas, which contain the pleasurable hormone serotonin, are also recommended to soothe irritability.

4) Coffee and stimulant drinks are not recommended, as they can affect our eclectic mood due to hormonal convulsion. Obviously, forget about alcohol these days. On the other hand, the excessive consumption of carbohydrates is not good either: they make us feel constipated and make us feel bloated. It is best to replace them with fiber and whole grain foods, ideal for better digestion.

5) Finally, exercising can be one of the best remedies. Exercise makes us secrete endorphins, a hormone that makes us feel relaxed and happy, activates our blood circulation, brings us out of despondency, reactivates us and fills us with energy and good mood. A brisk walk, it’s never going to be too much these days.

It is not necessary to postpone our daily activities because we feel bad-tempered and sore: we only need to take a little more care of our eating habits to make those days as bearable as possible.

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