hidden obesity

How to know if you’re obese?


Obesity is a global problem with serious consequences for your health. All the diseases that are related, including the feared cardiovascular ones, like diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, a increase in cancer probability and many others. Some tips that can help with weight loss and diet are the use of a girdle or waist trainer.

The most common way to calculate if your weight is still acceptable or you’re in overweight territory or even obese is the well-known body mass index, that includes height and weight in a small formula. But this formula is not well-viewed by several scientist and specialistas, since it doesn’t considers many factors like excessive fat, genetic peculiarities, context, elevated muscular mass because of exercise, etc. If we consider the word obesity and its meaning, the most common aspect is an increment of anatomic fat, making that percentage a better parameter.

Several studies observed that many individuals that thought they were thin, or with normal weight or even small overweight, but with a high fat percentage, high levels of blood pressure , insulin or even inflammations that only shows up in obese persons, have something called “hidden obesity”.

A recent article from the Frontiers magazine estimates that in developed countries, up to 90% of adult males, 80% of females and 50% of the youth population has a body fat level that is dangerous to its health and that factor most of the times is ignored by their doctors because of a weight that looks normal.

In anthropometry, a person has a normal body fat level if the number is below 20 in men and 30 in women. You’re overweight if the result of the equation is between 20 and 25 for men and 33 to 35% in women. And you are obese if your number is higher than 25 if you are a man or 35% if you are a woman.

To calculate or numbers and have a diagnosis of our anatomic composition, we can reach some nutrition doctors or specialists for them to make the proper checking using formulas and machines. With that help they can inform you of your body fat level, muscular mass and bone mass.

In conclusion, we should know about the necessity of regular checking , going to your doctor, cardiologist, nutritionist or any other specialist that is required, taking advantage of all the knowledge that those persons have, always with living a healthier life in mind. We can avoid diseases if treated at time and improve our life quality.

hidden obesity

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