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Kkwbeauty: Kim Kardashian releases eye shadow palette Amid controversies


Kim Kardashian has made it public the releasing of her new site and cosmetic brand, kkwbeauty. However, as soon as she got together with her long time makeup artist and close friend, Mario Dedivanoic, some fans were already so quick to compare similarities with her younger sister cosmetic brand.

Kim met her makeup artist and friend Mario ten years ago, during a photo shooting. And to celebrate their long-standing friendship and partnership, the pair will launch their first make up venture. The first of many new ideas is already surrounded by comparisons and controversies.

The announcement was made via Instagram. The collection includes shadow palette with metallic and matte shades, nude cream lipstick – their trademark – and two shades of glittered glosses. The palette with vibrant blue cobalt shade called Libra, because Kim and Mario are off the same star sign, are on the spotlight of some criticism from fans.

They suggest Kim has copied and taken advantage of the already famous palette from her younger sister. Kim was prompt to answer critics that they are very different as far as colors. Kim’s palette offers only 10 options, against 12 from her sister. Not only that, but some colors would provide a different effect as glossy or matte, contrary to what is offered by Kylie’s Cosmetics. has been created by Kim Kardashian with the intention of setting up an option to great quality concealers, lipsticks, powders, eyeshadow and many other beauty products and KKW fragrances. All controversy happens when Kylie has been somewhat away from spotlight lately. She has had a baby and managed to get back her former body in no time at all.

Kim Kardashian has expressed her dissatisfaction with nasty comments and insinuations about her supposedly getting a free ride on her sister’s product fame. There was no intention whatsoever, said Kim on her Instagram post in a photo wearing a blue metallic color eye shadow, part of her new soon to be released palette.

Comparing the two palette, we can actually notice some similarities, but also the difference on tones. Kim’s palette has a smaller number of shadows, while the other one offers 12 colors.

Kim’s tones are related to a champagne touch, whereas the other is a lot peachier. They may fetch the same value for money, but not in terms of improved quality; Kim Kardashian has mentioned that is guaranteed, with the combination of Mario and her own effort and experience.

This could well be a situation where both can take advantage of all publicity surrounding the mixed opinions. Whichever way they position themselves, there will always be someone to come up with nasty innuendos suggesting some kind of plagiarism and rivalry amongst sisters.

I guess no one will ever know what lies beyond the dealings within big players. It is indeed a huge market and women can follow role models and influence from the Kardashians. After all, many women seem to want to keep up with them!

As soon as Kim’s palette was announced, they were sold out, even before launching. Very soon, someone would be able to “road-test” for quality, color, effect and other proprieties. Meanwhile, we can only speculate if there was any intention when creating her new palette or it was just another form of presenting colors. No plagiarism intended.

Kim says that this palette and mainly the shades are a true expression of her own cosmetic signature. This is also confirmed by Mario, whose job is to give her appearance that boost everyone knows and praises as a beautiful face!

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