daily diet

Changes on your daily diet that will benefit your body


daily diet

A change in the daily products that you consume is a very popular strategy in nutritional treatments to lose weight. With little change you can get a sizeable reduction on your calorie count and also a better and healthier nutrition.

Today we will show ten changes in the products you consume that can make a huge difference:

Whole Milk (1 cup of 200cc: 116 kcal) for fat-free milk (1 cup of 200cc: 66 kcal). You can reduce your oversaturated fat count.

Whole Yogurt (1 cup of 200cc: 186 kcal) for fat-free yogurt (1 cup of 200cc: 88 kcal). Also reduces your oversaturated fat count.

Sugar (1 spoon: 80 kcal) for a natural sweetener (many have 0 kcal). Take out of the equation “empty calories”, that doesn’t bring nutrients.

Change butter or margarine for vegetable oils. The difference here is the quality of the product, since butter and margarine have oversaturated and trans fat and oil brings essential fatty acids, something good for your body.

Mayonnaise ( 1 spoon: 96 kcal) for a light version or even white cream cheese (same portion, 25 kcal). Reduction of oversaturated fat.

Regular cheese (1 small portion: 166 kcal) for fat-free cheeses (same portion, 117 kcal). Reduction of oversaturated fat.

Meat with breaded crust (300 kcal) for the same plate but made in the oven (200 kcal). Avoid the fried dish and the fat that accumulates on it.

Regular soda (200cc cup: 84 kcal) for a light version (1 cup: 0 kcal) or a natural juice without sugar (1 cup of juice + water: 55 kcal). Sugar reduction.

Wafers for salty crackers or other cookies with fiber. You can get more nutrients with salty or cookies with oat, for example. Any product with fiber is good for the digestion process. That change also means less sugar.

Sandwiches with ham, chicken, meat, pork, tuna, etc. You can replace that filling with White cheese, vegetables and light meat. With that we eliminate oversaturated fat, sodium and we can get better proteins.

With small changes we can make big progress to achieve a healthier lifestyle and diet. You don’t need to stop eating, just choose better, reading labels and keeping a protein, sugar and fat count. Reaching the right numbers can be primordial to achieve your goals.

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