perfect make up

The best make-up for each occasion


perfect make up

We all know that the first impression is the most important, so it is essential to be ready to present yourself the best way possible on each situation.  For women, this means choosing the make-up for every occasion correctly – after all, no one wants to have a “party visual” at a job interview, neither wants to look like she just got out of church at a fun party, right?

Job interview

According to researches, it takes only about 30 seconds for someone to build an impression on you. Regarding that, make-up can certainly help you on creating the right image about yourself.

Begin by washing and cleaning your face, and then apply sunscreen or facial moisturizer (remember to choose the right type for your skin). Apply then some light or medium-cover foundation. If you need to cover unwanted signs like stains or pimples, a high-cover foundation might be useful – try Dermacol, a very useful high-cover foundation that won’t vanish with water.

Apply opaque blush on your cheeks, but not too much. After that, with a thick brush, apply powder all over your face, and then use a pencil to correct any flaws you might have on your eyebrows. Just beware of not making it too dark and lose the natural look.

Put two or three coats of mascara on your eyelashes and put on a lipstick of a more neutral tone, one that doesn’t shine so much. If you wish to highlight your eyes, apply the pencil along your lower and upper eyelashes, very lightly, so you won’t look artificial.


The first step is to take a look at the big picture: at what time is the wedding happening? A daytime event, for instance, requires lighter and subtler make-up, whilst nighttime weddings should allow more glamour and shining.

For daytime weddings, prepare your skin beforehand and make sure it’s dry. As they tend to happen outdoor, don’t forget the sunscreen! The eyes should look subtle: try shades on tones of brown and pink, and perhaps pencil and mascara, but mind excesses.

When the ceremony is happening on the afternoon, you might want to dare a little bit more. The make-up should still be discrete, but you can try to apply more color on the looks. A good look include smokey eyes, long eyelashes and a showy mouth with red, dark red or pink lipstick.

Nighttime weddings, lastly, ask for more shining and glamour. The eyes or the mouth can look showy, but is best not to use them at the same time. Golden and silver tones are a good choice, just like false lashes.

Dark eyes are a classic and welcome choice! Try a lighter tone on the inside corner of the eyes, in order to highlight the make-up and make the eyes look bigger. With the eyeliner, draw a line along the lashes and make it look smokey with a darker shade. Finish the make-up with some pencil and mascara!


If you are looking forward to make an impression at a party, a powerful make-up is the best way to start. Smokey eyes, dark lipstick and a perfect skin are essential for the nighttime visual. However, if you wish to look beautiful and have no concerns, it is vital to use the products the right way.

A common mistake many women make when trying to put on some heavy party make-up is not preparing the skin correctly beforehand. In order to maintain the look through the night, you must start by cleaning your face with neutral soap and then hydrating it.

The most basic cares a girl should take includes: not choosing any foundation that is either too dark nor too light; exaggerating when adding color to the mouth and overusing the blush or mascara. If you take care with that, a memorable night of fun and glamour is ensured!

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