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Bad Posture? Tips to Aligning the Spine


To align your posture, you must first find balance in your spine and align the head, rib cage, and pelvis. A line that runs from the base of the pelvis to the crown of the head forms a central axis within the body. Ideally, the natural curves of the spine are on the sides of this line, keeping them aligned.

The head, rib cage, and pelvis should also be located along this central axis. In good posture, the pelvis is the foundation – the foundation for the lower back. The rib cage and chest, which tend to fall forward and downward due to gravity, should be raised gently. Finally, the head should be balanced over the rib cage.

Sounds difficult? Try this exercise. Stand up, imagine someone put a book on your crown. Stay well resting on the soles of your feet, and lift the book up to the ceiling in one integrated motion. While you’re doing it, you’ll notice that your whole torso is involved. Don’t try too hard. Just look at the following landmarks on your body.

Your lower back lifts and lengthens.
Your chest is slightly raised.
Your shoulders relax toward the floor and away from your ears, and toward the sides (not backward or forward).
Your head goes slightly inward (like a turtle).
Your chin is slightly downward.
The back of your neck lengthens.
The central axis of your body extends through your crown.
Keep this posture without becoming a robot. Now walk a little bit, savoring the elevation and lightness of movement it gives you.

There are also other methods that will help us with the duty of keeping our spine aligned. One of them is postural exercise. Another highly effective alternative that many experts recommend is the use of Postural Corrector Braces.

The Posture Corrective Device is intended to help people who use it to strengthen and correct their posture naturally.

With the use of these braces, plus postural exercises and compromise, your posture will improve and you will avoid back pain.

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  1. Dorothy

    I loved this article. I have also suffered from spinal pain from poor posture and when I started using a posture corrector, my back improved a lot. Excellent article Logan. xx


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