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7 Fashion influencers on Instagram to follow


Before we understand the importance of having influencers, let us try to simplify a way to grasp the concept of fashion. According to an official source, “…fashion means a more predominant dressing way or trend in a particular group, at any given time. It is a word widely applied to designate a dressing code that is common or appreciated by many people”.

There is a sense of following a pattern and this is something, which can be done by people whose activity is related to broadcast ideas and tastes. They are considered the influencers of tendencies. Be on the fashion industry, car industry or even on science and technology field. They are role model consumers convincing their followers on a particular way of life.

We have compiled a list of the most important fashion influencers you could follow on Instagram and be on the cutting-edge of releases, trend and the latest on styles. In no particular order, here are our suggestions:

1. Sophia Roe

With thousands of followers, Sophia considers herself a normal person, who loves to travel and is passionate about fashion. Her photos are creatives and are always portraying different styles of clothes. She has the ability to think outside the conventional and come up with simple and effective combinations. It is worth following a new perspective in fashion.

2. Jennifer Grace

The great thing about following Jennifer can be justified by her nearly 1 million mark of loyal searchers of talented creators. She is not only an influencer; she is also the conceiver of fashion and accessories. Her work can be seen all over the world. She is a gorgeous Californian girl who could be a successful model if was not for her great achievements as a fashion stylist.

3. Sylvia Haghjoo

Sylvia is a famous blogger. Although born in Germany, she travels the world talking about fashion and travel. Her loyal followers get the best of both worlds. Her popular style is accepted and cherished by thousands of people on Instagram. Recently, she was mentioned by a famous British newspaper on a story about a blogger influencing the latest season trend for see-through arm candy.

4. Janelle Marie Lloyd

You can actually read on the Internet many comments about Janelle’s work. On an important site, they mention that Janelle is capable of inspiring styles with a “call to action”: “Wait, you need this!” This is a phrase, which in fact inspired her creating a blog to influence thousands of followers. She is on our list because she was named officially one of the “10 Fashion Influencers to Follow Right Now” in 2016. “She brings fun into fashion”, say some of her most loyal audience.

5. Korin Avraham

Korin has overcome many hurdles to get where she is right now. She is from Israel and was named number 1 blogger in Tel Aviv. Korin has a degree in law but fashion is what caught her dedication. She is occupying an important position in a famous agency, combining her interests in fashion, lifestyle and cutting-edge technological tools. She was even branded by Vogue magazine as a Vouguista. Her Instagram has followers from all over the world.

6. Katie Sturino

Katie brings fashion to many women willing to get into some of the most famous creations they showcase on important ceremonies. Katie takes care of a more down to earth approach to women already on double-digit size clothing. She appeared on Lifestyle and Fashion section of The Telegraph in the UK as an influencer, showing bigger size women how to get into celebrity style. She is a representative of all women in between larger and not so plus size yet.

7. Erika Boldrin

With nearly half a million followers, Erika has a very contemplative approach to life in general. Although a great influencer, she is also a very resourceful girl. Born in Italy, she carries in her blood the passion for sports, music, lifestyle and fashion. She has a gift of being able to see past restrictive appeals. She can see beauty on things other people have abandoned some time ago. A sincere heart person, worth following for fashion advices and insight into life.

This is our list; we hope to leave you in good company. Whatever they follow would most probably end up as a reference on the fashion scenario. We wish you happiness on your path to discover life through fashionable colors and styles!

3 thoughts on “7 Fashion influencers on Instagram to follow

  1. Kristin Davis

    When you know you’re following the right people on Instagram. I love all of them, although, in my opinion, they are missing here, Chiara, Xenia, and Carrington. I’m sorry for those who don’t like Carrington but I love her.


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